What happens to engagement ring after wedding?

There is something incredibly magical about engagement rings. They represent a promise, a commitment, and the start of a beautiful journey towards marriage. But once the wedding ceremony is over and the wedding ring has found its place on your finger, what happens to the engagement ring? Does it lose its relevance or does it continue to hold an equally important place? Let us delve into this intriguing question.

Engagement rings are not just pieces of jewellery; they carry with them a rich history and tradition. Over time, they have evolved in their design and significance but their central role in symbolising love and commitment has remained steadfast. After the wedding ceremony, their purpose may seem unclear but rest assured, they continue to be as significant as ever.

The Tradition of Wearing Both Rings Together

Traditionally, many brides choose to wear both their engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger after marriage. The rationale behind this is quite interesting. It is believed that the vein running through the fourth finger on your left hand directly connects to your heart. Hence, wearing both rings on this finger signifies that your heart is tied to your spouse’s in love.

Typically before the wedding ceremony begins, many brides move their engagement ring to their right hand so that there is space for the wedding band during the ceremony. Post-ceremony, they switch it back again so that it sits above their wedding band closer to their heart which symbolises how marriage has come before engagement.

It's also worth noting that some people might choose an entirely different way of wearing these precious symbols based on personal preference or cultural practices.

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Transforming Engagement Rings into Other Pieces of Jewellery

Another trend that has gained popularity over time involves transforming your engagement ring into another piece of jewellery after the wedding. This could be a pendant, bracelet or even earrings. The idea behind this transformation is to continue cherishing the symbolism of the engagement ring in a new and creative way.

This concept has particularly appealed to those who find wearing two rings on the same finger impractical or uncomfortable. It also provides an opportunity for those who have inherited vintage or family heirloom engagement rings to modernise them while retaining their emotional significance.

Storing Engagement Rings Safely

In some cases, couples choose to store their engagement rings safely after the wedding ceremony. This may be due to various reasons such as occupational hazards, lifestyle choices or simply because they prefer wearing only one ring at a time.

However, storing your engagement ring does not mean it is forgotten. Many people take them out on special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays as a reminder of their journey together.

It's important that if you choose this option, ensure that your precious piece is stored appropriately in a dry place and away from harsh chemicals that could potentially damage it.


No matter what happens to your engagement ring after your wedding day, its significance remains undiminished. It continues to symbolize love, commitment and the beautiful journey you embarked upon when you said yes.

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