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Algerian Love Knot Necklace

The original Algerian Love Knot Necklace worn by Eva Green in her starring role as Vesper Lynd in Bond movie Casino Royale.


Create your own love story with our unique bespoke design service from our London studio


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Bonne Chance

Kiln fired enamel detailing & precious stones add a striking, graphic look. Indulge your inner fairy-tale and send a secret signal to the one you love.

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Sophie's Journal

Emerald - The Birthstone of May

20 May, 2019

Emerald - The Birthstone of May

The birthstone of May, Emerald, is one of those alluring classic gemstones that has told many stories throughout history. This precious stone marks the 55th Wedding Anniversary and symbolises unconditional love, compassion, unity and friendship. The Emerald stone is thought to open and nurture the heart and the Heart Chakra, inspiring infinite patience and bringing vitality to the spirit. 
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Aquamarine and New Arrivals, Pegasus

30 Mar, 2019

Aquamarine and New Arrivals, Pegasus

Last year, we wrote a piece about the birthstone of March, Aquamarine. A calming and soothing stone that is thought to stimulate energy and the popular birthstone’s rich colour has long been a symbol of vitality, health, and hope. A perfectly mesmerising stone to enter the Spring season, we take a look at more of our favourite Aquamarine pieces alongside an introduction to some of our latest arrivals from our new collection, Pegasus.
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Amethyst - The Birthstone for February

20 Feb, 2019

Amethyst - The Birthstone for February

The Birthstone for February, the Amethyst, is thought to be a meditative, calming stone with healing properties encouraging inner strength and clarity of mind. The beautiful deep purple gemstone promotes peace, calm and balance. It is also the gemstone for the 6th Wedding Anniversary. The Amethyst is trusted to help cleanse and balance your emotional, spiritual and physical realm.
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