An engagement ring is one of the only pieces of jewellery that’s worn every day. Whether choosing a ring for the engagement itself or picking out the perfect piece after they’ve said “yes, yes, a thousand times yes”, you want to get it right. That’s exactly why we’ve created a beautiful range of unique designs, giving you the choice you need to find The One. 

To inspire your engagement ring selection, we’ve put together a few of our favourite pieces from our Classic Engagement Rings and Alternative Engagement Rings collections. Let’s take a look.

Classic Engagement Rings

For the soon-to-be fiancé who’s all about elegance, opulence, and beautifully cut diamonds, here’s a selection of our classic engagement rings embellished with our own unique touches.

Gisele Engagement Ring

Gisele Ring

Crafted from 18ct yellow gold, the Gisele Diamond Engagement Ring follows a classic style but with a twist. The central cut white diamond is surrounded by 10 smaller diamonds, each intricately set in beaded detailing. The gold band is gently hammered for a textured finish and beaded detailing encircles the central diamond for an ethereal look. It’s sophisticated, charming, and exceptionally pretty!

Coeur D'Amour Engagement Ring

Coeur D’Amour Ring

If you’ve got a lot of love to give, the Coeur D’Amour Engagement Ring is the way to show it. A showstopper of a classic engagement ring, it features a stunning heart-shaped diamond set in an 18ct white gold band. The skinny pebble detailing on the band draws focus to the six additional flush-set white diamonds and is complimented by the beading around the central diamond. For a partner who loves eye-catching jewellery, this is the ideal choice for an engagement ring.

Ahana Engagement Ring

Ahana Ring

The Ahana Ring takes a traditional single-stone engagement ring style and adds a fun twist.  Created in 18ct white gold, the skinny pebble band is inlaid with 1.3mm white diamonds surrounding a central dove grey Indian briolette cut diamond. Raised mounting ensures this beautifully coloured stone stands out for an engagement ring that is, in essence, simply exquisite. For the elegant fiancé that appreciates beauty, it’s a wonderful choice.

Alternative Engagement Rings

Let your personality shine through and choose an alternative engagement ring that steals the show. Our bold designs and unconventional stones are the focal points of these pieces.

Medusa Alternative Unique Engagement Ring

Medusa Ring

If your partner likes jewellery with an edge and is anything but conventional, the Medusa Ring is bound to impress. An intricately engraved 18ct yellow gold serpent curls around a central .50ct cut white diamond. Diamonds, emeralds, and rubies are inlaid on the serpent’s body and two rubies make for enchanting snake eyes. The beautifully detailed engraving covering the serpent creates an alternative engagement ring that’s worthy of the wow factor and would no doubt be the best piece in your partner’s jewellery collection.

Aquamarine Lacrima Engagement Ring

Aquamarine Lacrima Ring

With a burst of fresh colour, the Aquamarine Lacrima Ring is a fairytale in itself. A magical pear-shaped aquamarine sits at the centre of the band surrounded by our signature detailed beading. On either side are two complimentary white diamonds mounted into a pebble band. In 18ct yellow gold, it’s the perfect engagement ring for a fairytale romance. 

Ruby Tutti Frutti Engagement Ring

Ruby Tutti Frutti Ring

One of our more understated alternative engagement rings, the Ruby Tutti Frutti Ring brings a splash of colour with a central heart-shaped red ruby. Vibrant and romantic, it really is one of our most gorgeous engagement rings. An 18ct yellow gold super-skinny pebble band and two brilliant cut white diamonds sit on either side of the central ruby, but it really is all about the gorgeous blood-red ruby heart in the centre. For our romantic partners, this could be The One. 

Create a Bespoke Sophie Harley Engagement Ring

If you’ve got a design in mind that you haven’t yet seen, but love our style, our team of bespoke jewellery designers are ready to take commissions. Create a ring that’s entirely personal to your relationship and express your love exactly as you imagine, and with our design input, we can make your dream ring come true. Find out more about our bespoke jewellery and continue browsing our collections in the meantime for plenty of inspiration.