As we shiver under the wintery grey skies of London, our thoughts eagerly wander to sunnier days and dreamy summer escapes as we delve into the sparkling world of SS24 jewellery trends. From bohemian elegance to bold statement pieces, we'll explore how these trends can transform your summer wardrobe, offering a sneak peek into the must-have accessories that will define the sunny months ahead. Read on as we uncover the treasures of SS24 jewellery trends, perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your summer adventures.


Boho Yolo SS24 Jewellery Trend

Left to right: Chanel SS24, Burberry SS24. Images courtesy of VOGUE

The Boho Yolo trend, coined by VOGUE, emphasizes a bohemian, vacation-ready aesthetic. Silver beading and asymmetric designs as seen at Burberry, bold logo necklaces at Chanel, and vibrant shell accessories from Casablanca resonate with spiritual retreat vibes. For gorgeous bohemian styles ideal for a Riviera-inspired spring summer, discover Sophie Harley's Dreamers collection and capture the essence of a relaxed, yet stylish out-of-office look.


Animal KingdomLeft to right: Erdem SS24, Tory Burch SS24.

The fashion world witnessed an eclectic mix of animal kingdom-inspired pieces. Designers like Tory Burch presented farmyard motifs with cow earrings, while Erdem embraced the insect world with antenna-like tiaras and dragonfly necklaces. Y/Project opted for a more daring approach with strikingly realistic snake necklaces. This diverse array of animal-inspired jewellery indicates a bold and creative direction for SS24 trends.

Totem, the latest collection by Sophie Harley, is an invitation into a mesmerizing, timeless world, an exploration deep into the heart of the natural world. Each piece in the Totem collection is a masterpiece, encapsulating the essence of magical moments where art, ancient rituals, and cosmic mysteries converge.

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Witness the intricate beauty of nature come to life in each design, from the empowering Wolf Amulet Bracelets to the vibrant and colourful Rainforest Carnival pieces, adorned with exquisite kiln fired glass enamel. The collection also features stunning renditions of majestic snow leopards and mystical spirit owls, each piece meticulously crafted with Sophie Harley's intricate  vitreous glass enamel work. Totem is a tribute to nature’s unspoken beauty and the artistry it inspires.

Going In Circles SS24 Jewellery TrendLeft to right: Dior SS24, Alexander McQueen SS24.

The ever-evolving world of fashion consistently reaffirms one truth: the enduring allure of hoop earrings. This classic accessory, a mainstay in style, undergoes yet another transformation in Spring/Summer 2024, showcasing its boundless versatility. This season's rendition, we see a fascinating array of designs from the top fashion houses - from the bold 'V' emblem embellishments of Valentino to the chunky, angular statements by Alexander McQueen and Dior’s whimsical pearl adornments.

In the heart of this hoop renaissance, Sophie Harley stands out with her unique interpretations. Her collection ranges from the understated elegance of mini hoops with star drops to the striking statement of large, skinny bobbly hoops. Pearl drops and 18K gold hoops, encrusted with a kaleidoscope of multi-colored precious gemstones, epitomize the timeless charm and versatility of the hoop earring. 

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Left to right: Holzweiler SS24, Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood SS24.


Spring/Summer 2024 has ushered in a new era of floral jewellery, far from the delicate and demure, designed for those who wish to make a statement. The runways blossomed with a variety of floral interpretations. Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood and Holzweiler presented stunning earrings resembling floral bouquets, infusing a fresh, garden-inspired aesthetic into their designs. This season, the message is clear: floral jewellery is not just an accessory; it's a bold declaration of style and personality.

Sophie Harley blends classic elegance and whimsical charm. From delicate, classic flower earrings, perfect for adding a touch of grace to any outfit, to an enchanted floral charm necklace that speaks of fairy-tale gardens and mystical allure to the Rainforest references - a celebration of nature's vibrant and untamed beauty, encapsulated in stunningly crafted jewellery. These are treasured keepsakes for years to come.


Linked In SS24 Jewellery TrendLeft to right: Sacai SS24, Kiko Kostadinov SS24. 

The chain necklace, akin to hoop earrings, consistently stands out as a timeless investment piece, season after season. For Spring/Summer 2024, designers have reimagined this classic with innovative flair. From spindly chokers at Kostadinov to chunky, transparent bracelets at Sacai, this season, embrace the bold and the beautiful in chain necklaces.

At the heart of Sophie Harley’s collection lies the infamous Algerian Loveknot Necklace, a piece renowned for its intricate multitude of chains and unparalleled elegance. This iconic necklace comes in various stunning iterations, including the classic Algerian Loveknot Necklace, the luxurious Gold Diamond Algerian Loveknot Necklace, and the delicate yet striking Diamond Set Mini Algerian Loveknot Necklace.

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Discover the bold statement of our chunky 18K gold chain bracelets, the timeless allure of our heavy classic curb bracelets, and the celestial elegance of our Solar Chain Drop Earrings. Each piece embodies ancient and philosophical symbols with exquisite, handcrafted pieces. Explore the Sophie Harley collections.