Embark on a transcendent journey with Totem, the culmination of years of meticulous craftsmanship by award-winning designer Sophie Harley. Her latest collection invites you to explore a magical timeless realm, delving deep into the mysteries of the natural world.

In the stillness of a mystical indigo night, the haunting hoot of an owl echoes, setting the tone for the enchantment that lies ahead. Encounter a golden wolf, briefly pausing on her solitary path, her wisdom transfixes your soul. 

Sophie Harley Limited Edition Tara Necklace

Limited Edition Tara Necklace featuring intricate peppermint green enamel work on a layered wolf flame charm.

As a bird soars into a cornflower blue sky, it meets your heart –  pure red, bold and free, delicately outlined with a protective black boundary. An abstract shape, perhaps born from the sun, moon, or stars, an unnamed symbol kindling our imagination and ancestral memory.

Each exquisite piece in Totem captures the beauty of these moments, intertwining with art, ritual, and the cosmos. The collection transcends time, cultural differences, and beliefs, echoing the ancient quest for meaning in the outer world to illuminate our inner existence.

Exquisite glass enamelling, created by Sophie Harley for the Totem Collection

Exquisite glass enamelling, created by Sophie Harley

Many pieces feature intricate vitreous glass enamel work, personally & painstakingly made by Sophie, making each limited edition piece unique, and possibly never to be replicated.

Sophie's profound connection with symbolism, showcased throughout her years of work, is an integral part of this age-old human tradition. Beyond mere adornment, her meaningful jewellery lovingly connects us, forming bonds and serving as a reminder of our dreams.

A photo of Sophie's glass enamelled creations for the Totem collection with original designs.

Totem, the culmination of years of meticulous craftsmanship inspired by the magical realm of the natural world.

Totem, with its primeval spirit for modern times, transports us into the magical realm of the personal unconscious. As artist and writer Jo Kay attests, "Wearing my piece from Totem not only looks stunning and unique, but each time I look at it, it reminds me that I am part of something greater. Something mysterious and beautiful. The fast, loud world is gone, and I am transported somewhere enchanted, spellbinding yet earthed."

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