A piece of jewellery can transcend being a mere adornment: jewellery is also a conduit for connecting souls across time and space. For Sophie, jewellery is a tangible representation of a moment of loving human connection, a thread weaving through the past, present, and future.

Crafting jewellery is an emotional journey for Sophie, aligning with the realms of memory and connection. Each piece she creates is a treasure chest of personal stories and bejewelled symbolism, often inspired by ancient artefacts. Sophie Harley’s jewellery is a narrative, extending beyond the mere (though beautiful) physical aesthetics, her jewellery allows you to weave your own unique story into each piece with a choice of birthstones, charms, and hand engravings for that extra personal touch. 

“My jewels are beautiful little stories, full of protective symbolism, soothing to the soul, always connecting people, full of love and above all joyful!”
- Sophie Harley

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Sophie Bracelet

Vintage Seahorse Earrings

“So much in life is transient but the gift of well-made jewellery lasts forever.” - Sophie Harley

Annalise Necklace

Annalise Ring

Aquamarine & Diamond Sophie Necklace

Tutela Necklace

Large Layered Heart Bracelet

Anniversary Ring

Sophie Ring


Garden of Eden Earrings


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