which finger is for a promise ring

Promise rings, also known as pre-engagement rings, hold a special place in jewellery traditions, symbolizing commitment and dedication. Here at Sophie Harley, we recognize the significance of these cherished tokens and understand you may have queries about which finger they should be worn on. In this article, we will delve into the tradition behind promise rings, explore their meaning, and provide clarity on which finger is traditionally appointed for a promise ring.

A promise ring can represent many things; a pledge of love, a statement of fidelity, or even an intention to get engaged in the future. Its symbolism is deeply personal and varies from person to person. Regardless of its depth of sentimentality, it's essential to wear it correctly to convey its intended message accurately.

The Tradition Behind Promise Rings

The tradition of giving promise rings dates back several centuries. These rings were initially known as posy rings in England during the 15th century and were used as symbols of love and commitment between couples who were not yet ready or able to marry. They carved romantic verses into these bands that served as promises between lovers.

During the Georgian and Victorian eras, acrostic jewellery came into popularity where gemstones arranged in order spelled out words like 'regard' or 'dearest.' These secret messages acted as promises encoded into jewellery pieces.

In contemporary times, promise rings have evolved but still carry the same sentiment—commitment to a relationship or cause until one is ready for the next step.

The Meaning Of Promise Rings

The meaning behind a promise ring can vary greatly depending on cultural context or individual interpretation. Oftentimes, they are seen as pre-engagement rings—a pledge that an engagement may come in due course—but they can also be tokens of friendship or signify personal goals such as chastity.

Promise rings are often seen as tangible markers of milestones within relationships. Whether it is to symbolize a serious relationship, a promise to stay faithful, or an intention to one day get engaged, the meaning behind promise rings is often personal and deeply sentimental.

Despite its many interpretations, the common thread amongst all meanings is that of commitment. Wearing a promise ring signifies that you are dedicated to something or someone and intend to uphold your pledge.

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Which Finger Is For A Promise Ring?

The finger on which a promise ring should be worn can vary based on personal preference or cultural traditions. However, traditionally in Western cultures, if the ring is being used as a pre-engagement ring, it's typically worn on the left-hand ring finger. This same finger would later house the engagement and wedding rings.

If you wish to avoid confusion with an engagement ring, wearing it on the right-hand ring finger is also accepted. Some people choose to wear their promise rings on other fingers such as middle fingers or pinky fingers so that its meaning remains personal and private.

In essence, there aren't strict rules when it comes to which finger houses your promise ring—it's up to individual interpretation and comfort.


Promise rings are beautiful symbols of commitment filled with tradition and deep-seated meaning. They serve as reminders of vows made and promises intended to be kept—no matter what they may be. As we have learned today, though traditions exist around which finger should bear this special piece of jewellery; ultimately, it boils down to personal preference and comfort.

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