Sophie created this bespoke bangle for an incredible woman as a celebration of a special birthday and of all the things most important to her in her life… She’s an Astrophysicist, AI expert, entrepreneur, music lover and champion of mental health initiatives and human rights, which you can see all be reflected in this intricate and unique piece.



Sophie & her client worked closely together to create the jewel of her dreams, using her very own photograph of Galaxy 101 as the basis for the engraving, where you can see the swirls of the galaxy around a deep green Tsavorite with a scattering of multi-coloured Diamonds.  The bangle was created in Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold detailing and has engraving on the inside and outside. You can see Nirvana’s cheeky smiley studded face with the ‘Sophie touch’ of her signature beading, Bowie’s thunderbolt, and North American Indian symbolism; including a broken arrow symbol as a nod to peace in the world, the Healers hand, and feathers to symbolise freedom and connection with the cosmos.


As well as Diamonds & the Tsavorite, Sophie incorporated other gemstones for their healing properties that the client wanted to keep close to her, such as a heart shaped Turquoise to instil inner calm and protect the wearer. You’ll see green and purple gemstones that signify hope, wisdom and dignity –  but also representative of the suffragette movement and the clients personal favourite colours.


Other imagery includes the winged horse head (a piece of Sophie’s nearly always has some wings somewhere, the symbol of hope and liberation) and leaves to symbolise the ‘Cosmic tree’ which connects every aspect of the universe. You may also notice the fine concentric lines engraved at one end of the bangle, inspired by Kansai Yamamto’s vinyl costume created for Bowie’s era – defining the 1974 Aladdin Sane tour!


An incredible personal piece, filled with hidden meanings and telling the story of her life through the power of jewels.

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