Several clients have created their very own symbolic charm necklaces having come to the studio and fallen in love with the necklace that Sophie herself wears every day.

The wonderful thing about a necklace like this is that it’s precious on so many levels. Not only can clients choose from our existing charm collection, we can re-model inherited pieces of jewellery using their antique gold and stones to create something completely new. It’s so lovely to breathe new life in to old and jaded jewels whilst keeping all of the family’s emotional connections alive to create a deeply personal treasure.

The centre piece to this 18ct yellow gold necklace is a breathtaking 4.84ct heart shaped checkerboard cut aquamarine surrounded by diamonds. Other charms include the beautifully engraved miniature playing card set with a princess cut diamond, and a little dragonfly set with unusual sage green diamonds.Sophie’s necklace includes a beautiful emerald cut aquamarine, once part of a pair of her Mother’s earrings, surrounded by rose cut diamonds which Sophie made specially to wear on her wedding day. It also features a gorgeous rose-pink enamel and her daughter’s winged initial set with a diamond.

This necklace was made using parts from one of Sophie’s client’s original charm bracelet and earrings. A vivid purple amethyst and heart shaped diamond were added as a central pendant drop. A sweet little heart shaped ruby was added from an existing necklace along with an Indian briolette cut diamond.This luminous cabochon moonstone was chosen by our client for its healing properties. It is a stone of inner growth and strength with protecting and balancing qualities. As well as its beautiful and intense colour, Emerald stimulates the heart chakra and the oak leaf charm is a powerful life affirming symbol. This stunning necklace was made in both 18ct yellow and white gold.

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