Each year we are thrilled to hear your stories and help each of our clients to create something incredibly unique and personal. Individual treasures are crafted from your own experiences and inspiring creativity with the help of our bespoke design service. Symbolism from both ancient philosophical emblems to emotive symbols of love and peace forms Sophie’s distinctive and unique style. Each style designed by Sophie has its own story to tell which makes them the perfect gift for loved ones for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion.

Handmade Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Symbolic Dragonfly & Butterfly Earrings

A bespoke design incorporate Sophie's iconic love knot symbol of eternal ‪‎love‬, and other little secrets like the dragonfly which is the symbol of transformation and wings which represent hope, love and liberation. Read more.

Discover our collection of symbolic charms jewellery for the one you love.

The Charms collection includes a cacophony of beautiful, enamel gold plated silver charms. Create your own message on a chain with an array of options from a meaningful Love Letter to our signature Chubby Winged Heart Charm or a Sunflower charm symbolizing happiness or Diamond Scroll Key Charm representing a key to unlock your full potential, trust and commitment.

Handmade Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Charms Collection

Bonne Chance fuses the elegance and fun of vintage playing cards with the powerful symbolism represented by the Heart, Spade, Diamond and Club motifs. Indulge your inner fairy-tale and send a signal to the one you love.

Handmade Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Bonne Chance Bracelet
(for men & women)

Handmade Jewellery for Valentine's Day

Croquet Earrings

An exquisite range of opulent gems are the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift for ladies who love bold statement jewellery. From the showstopping Cascade necklace to the elegant Nezetta Ring, each piece is handcrafted with precious stones and 18ct gold.

Nezetta Ring

Browse the Brilliana collection for more baroque inspired cocktail rings, pendants and earrings.

From Vesper with Love

The Original Algerian Loveknot designed by Sophie Harley for James Bond 007 movie Casino Royale, worn by Eva Green as Vesper Lynd, marks the superlative symbol of love. An ancient symbol created from twisted gold and silver rings, multi layered chains, complete with Sophie’s signature winged heart clasp.  

Algerian Loveknot Necklace and Bond Leaf Earrings

January birthstone - Garnet

The beautiful birthstone for January is the emblematic Garnet, a symbol of peace, prosperity and good health. This gem is available in a range of colours from deep ruby red to bright green, oranges and browns. It’s a stunning gift to represent friendship and trust.

Our collections weave the January birthstone Garnet effortlessly into symbolic pieces from the Green Garnet & Diamond Tutti Frutti Ring to to the Seren Necklace. Each piece is handcrafted by the team in the London studio using 18ct gold and gold plated silver, all originally designed and mastered by award-winning jeweler Sophie Harley. View our range of unique jewellery made with the January birthstone Garnet.

Green Garnet & Diamond Tutti Frutti Ring

Seren Necklace, a striking necklace featuring the Solar Flare with a Luna charm and garnet gemstone.

For more personalised advice or to arrange a bespoke design consultation, please contact the studio at info@sophieharley.com.

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