Meet Mathilda, an unapologetic, witty and honest single Mom to five kids with a discerning eye. Mathilda creates content around style, home interiors and body positivity. Her uplifting notes on self-love and compassion are infectious. It’s no wonder that this beautiful soul is so closely connected with Sophie Harley. As a dear friend and a collector of Sophie Harley London jewels, we took the opportunity to chat with Mathilda so we could share her story with you. 

As an exhausted mother galloping into her mid-forties, two years deep into menopause, a very challenging divorce, and a suicidal autistic teen, Mathilda was finally forced to stop and take stock of her life. She created Mathilda Wears as not only an outlet for herself but predominantly to encourage women to stop giving a F*** about their bodies. She quickly realised there just isn’t time to concern herself and obsess about these trivial things. 

Mathilda wants women to start embracing the real beauty in life which is the freedom to be, dress and think “how the hell they want”. She’s blazing a trail, lifting up her sisters, empowering, celebrating and listening to women from all over the world. 

Mathilda has used fashion as a way to express herself ever since she can remember. It forms a huge part of her identity and confidence and is ever-evolving. Today, we’re witnessing women aged 40+ being encouraged to tone down, cover and conceal their age as much as possible…but “who the hell for?” With Mathilda Wears, Mathilda hopes to inspire women to shout from the roof tops that what other people think of them and their bodies is not their problem and to move forward dressing and thinking in an entirely free way.

Q: We love that you promote body confidence and self-love. Was there a specific moment in your life that inspired you to focus on body positivity? 

A: I think the turning point for me was when the clothes I felt I ought not to wear entirely superseded the few left in my wardrobe that I felt were ‘suitable’. It felt crushing that not only was my body telling me that my sole purpose here (motherhood) had now expired but my mind was jumping on board with that same mentality. It was like a light bulb moment when I realised that no one cares as much as I did, no one obsesses over my pot belly, my cute little dimpled thighs or my fuller frame. The only person holding these crazy ideals hostage in my mind was me. My mission is to open as many other women’s eyes to this life-changing realisation as I possibly can.

Q: What's the best advice you’ve been given on your journey of self-love?

A: By far the best advice I have been given was by my five-year-old who looked at my naked body, flung her arms around me as she could see my face full of self-doubt and said “but mummy you’re so beautiful, just wear the pretty dress”. So I did and I’ve never looked back.

Q: What do you love the most about what you do? 

A:  I think connecting with other women and hearing how much my content has changed their lives and outlooks and made them happier humans is by far the most rewarding element of what I do.

Mathilda Wears on self-love and embracing real beauty
Mathilda wears the Sophie Harley London Vintage Seahorse Earrings

Q: You embrace fashion as a means of both self-expression and a tool to uplift your spirits. What influenced you to get creative with your wardrobe? 

A: My wardrobe has always been very eclectic as I usually dip into three or four opposing styles. I had noticeably become more conservative. The colours had become muted and the shapes considerably oversized and less flattering. I realised my wardrobe was ceasing to inspire and express who I was anymore. I didn’t want to blend anymore because what was once making me feel comfortable was now making me feel completely disconnected from ‘me’.

Q: What role does jewellery play as a form of self-expression for you? 

A: Because my body is heavily tattooed my outfit choices are often quite modest in terms of colour and print. I love the juxtaposition of clean linen lines and the brightly coloured busy ink. Therefore jewellery to me is the literal sparkle to my outfits. It’s the pièce de résistance of every look I create. It brings to life the energy and passion I feel inside. Jewellery is also a means of carrying with me dear memories, occasions and thoughts of loved one, as most of my purchases evoke significant meaning.   

“You don’t need anyone else to make you feel fabulous, that shit comes from within and the best bit is… we are all born with it.” 

- Mathilda Wears

Mathilda Wears' favourite Sophie Harley jewellery

Mathilda wears the Sophie Harley London Corisande Ring and Atlantis Ring

Q: What’s your favourite piece of Sophie Harley jewellery? 

A: My favourite piece of jewellery is my 18ct Gold heart-shaped pink Sapphire and green Tsavorite ring. Not only is it the most exquisite piece, as all of Sophie’s jewellery is, but it signifies the exact moment that my journey of self-love and zero fucks truly began. 

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