The birthstones of October, Opal and Tourmaline offer a unique combination of rainbow colours and meaningful symbolism. The Opal gem diffracts light to show a stunning multi-coloured iridescent hue. Believed to stimulate originality and creativity, Opal is thought to help strengthen the memory and express one's true self. Often worn for good luck, the Opal is also the 14th Wedding Anniversary gemstone. Tourmaline can be found in a range of vibrant colours. Traditionally, the gemstone is thought to protect the wearer against negative energy.

Discover our edit of the October birthstones, Opal and Tourmaline:

October Birthstone - Opal

Part of Sophie’s new collection of Birthstones, the Opal features the incredible iridescent hue unique to the October birthstone. Create your own bespoke jewellery with a combination of charms, birthstone and gems. Explore Sophie Harley’s complete collection of handmade jewellery.

Jolie Ring

A stunning 1.55ct rich pink oval tourmaline set into 18ct yellow gold with delicate beading around the setting and white diamonds set in each "pebble" around the band.

Armelle Ring

A beautiful and unique dress ring, the Armelle 18ct Gold Ring is set with a rare .96ct marquise cut Paraiba tourmaline in delicate pale green aqua. 8 mink coloured diamonds weighing .97ct in total, complete this show stopping piece.

Sophie Bracelet

A classic bracelet featuring Sophie’s signature winged hearts. The 18ct yellow gold bracelet is set with a rich coloured oval pink tourmaline. Four old cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 1.25ct are set around the central stone.

Laurette Ring

A bold, vibrant engagement or dress ring, the Laurette Ring handcrafted in 18ct gold features a 3.19ct cushion cut green tourmaline. Two natural mink coloured diamonds each weighing .21ct sit either side of the tourmaline with delicate leaf detail.

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Bespoke Tale: Rare, Beautiful & Historic Opal - A Family Heirloom

One of the world’s most prestigious independent creative jewellery designers, Sophie Harley is also known for her unique bespoke jewellery design service. Sophie and her team have created countless unique pieces, commissioned by clients to breathe new life in to jaded jewels or to design a completely unique and individual treasure. Create unusual jewellery and enjoy a mesmerising creative journey with Sophie and her team. Sophie creates heirlooms for the future using Gold, platinum & silver and precious gemstones. Find out more about Sophie’s Bespoke Jewellery Design Service.


Bespoke Tale: Rare, Beautiful & Historic Opal

The exceptionally rare & beautiful iridescent opal was in fact one half of a pair of earrings originally belonging to Sophie’s great grandmother. Sophie created a classic and striking ring in 18ct yellow gold using this family heirloom and other diamonds from vintage finds. Read the full story.

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