Let jewellery be the conduit of joy during this turbulent time ✨💎✨

2020/21 is an unprecedented era that will remain in our history books and memories forever. The current global pandemic has challenged both our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, it’s been a roller coaster ride for all of us and for some people it has brought devastating changes. We are all missing our friends and families and I for one am also missing my lovely clients, many of whom have become dear friends too over the last 30 years - yes we’ve all been through a lot together! I really hope that you’ve all been able to seek out some self-care routines to nurture your spirits and keep you grounded in such incredibly challenging times, for myself, I find that a short daily meditation, aromatherapy candlelit baths and a nice botanical double G&T (on more than one occasion!) have been helpful. On a more serious note, I am so grateful to all of our wonderful clients who have continued to support our business at such a crucial and difficult time, which has enabled SHL to raise nearly £20,000 in the last year, which we have donated to the NHS and Medicins Sans Frontiers to help in the ongoing fight against COVID-19.

It feels as though the enforced distance between us all and many of our loved ones has sparked the need to find unique ways to unite and maintain our vital human connections. Also the ability to find precious moments and slow down as we all charter a different way of living has enabled us all to take a breath, pause and reflect on our own values, purpose, ambitions and relationships probably with a deeper appreciation than ever before.

This renewed sense of purpose, while we move through these transient times, has emphasized the significance and need to show love and appreciation to treasured friends and family.

I have always believed that jewellery has a special power to connect people, wherever they may be and many of us are separated whether we are in villages, towns and cities or even oceans and countries apart. For me, jewellery represents the physical manifestation (in beautiful precious materials) of a moment in time and human connection. Creating a piece of jewellery is an emotional journey that has the ability to align the past, present and future. I love creating treasures that tell deeply personal stories. A piece of jewellery is like a container for memories from a single point in time that can journey far into the future. I think personal jewels are like mini bejewelled time travelling machines which can last much longer than a single lifetime and can thus reveal so many fascinating insights into an era, a culture and a person.

Aquamarine & Diamond Eye Amulet Bracelet
Featuring a protective Eye Amulet made in 18ct gold, set with a beautiful 5mm heart shaped aquamarine and 12 brilliant cut white diamonds

My handmade pieces of jewellery are meaningful, through not only the symbolism (and cross-cultural references derived from my years of drawing ancient artefacts from around the globe in museums) but also through the personal touches, as you can choose a special birthstone, charm or have something beautifully hand engraved on any of our pieces to tell your unique story.

Working on bespoke commissions with my clients is my passion, whether it’s an entirely new creation, the remodelling of an existing piece of jewellery or even just incorporating a single gem from a piece of heirloom jewellery, it’s an enthralling and also humbling creative journey. I don’t take it lightly to be entrusted with someone’s precious jewel and intimate personal history! To be able to redesign and create something that someone will absolutely love wearing, from an old and treasured item is such an honour and also so much fun creatively, it’s a journey that completely involves my client from start to finish and is often a thrilling and very emotional experience for them too.. it really is a magical alchemical process!

A bespoke design: a precious and philosophical bangle for an exceptional young actress. Read the full Bespoke Tale.

So much in life is transient but the gift of well-made jewellery lasts forever. I was always mesmerized by the ancient jewels and artefacts which I spent so many hours drawing in museums during my Art school days, it felt like these tiny and beautiful personal adornments were somehow still imbued the souls of their ancient owners ….and that they all had a secret story to tell. We‘ve learnt so much about history, culture and mankind through these tiny treasures, and the gesture and ritual of giving someone a piece of jewellery remain full of human emotional connection with love at its core.

I like to think of my jewels and designs as beautiful little stories, my work has always been very illustrative, so I create narratives and imagery full of protective symbolism, soothing to the soul, always connecting people, full of love and above all joyful! So if you are looking for something special to help someone you care about to feel loved and appreciated, especially during this difficult time, then I’ve selected here a few of my favourite pieces from our collections, which I’m hoping you might enjoy too. 

Although my current face to face studio client appointments are temporarily suspended, I am still busy working on special bespoke pieces for people via email or zoom, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to embark on an individual bespoke journey with me! 

Take a deep breath, and know that spring is in the air …and that although we are all deeply connected to the past, the future is never very far away 💗

Much love,

Sophie x

Here are selection of my favourite, juicy jewels to reignite some joy: 

Sophie Bracelet
A stunning 18ct gold bracelet set with a beautiful pink tourmaline and four white old cut diamonds.

Gold & Diamond Tiny Loveknot Necklace
An 18ct gold necklace with 2.5mm white diamond


Pink Sapphire Venetian Wing Ring
A gorgeous gold plated silver ring with intricately detailed wings set with a 3mm pink sapphire

Vintage Seahorse Earrings
A stunning recreation from one of Sophie's original catwalk collections featuring a gold plated detailed seahorse and red kiln fire enamel charm drops.

A bespoke wedding and engagement ring made from her Mother and Grandmother's original wedding rings. Read the full Bespoke Tale

Showgirl Choker
A showstopping reversible choker with vintage playing card charms, red enamel heart and little heart charms.