This delicate looking pinkie ring was designed by Sophie for her daughter Millie, who loves evil eyes, and the myth and meaning behind them. By wearing or carrying an Evil Eye with you, it guards against misfortune and brings good luck to the wearer, bouncing back any negativity thrown your way.

Sophie’s version of an Evil Eye has an ancient and antique feel to it, scattered with blue Diamonds and a central sparkling white Diamond, with tiny beading almost resembling eye lashes.

Sophie chose Diamonds not just for their sparkle, but because in the ancient times they strongly believed that the vibrations of a diamond render a very positive aura to the body, notably healing the heart.  As well as many other powerful healing properties, such as protecting the wearer from bad dreams and clearing emotional and mental pain.

Using precious stones and precious metals makes this eye amulet even more powerful, and the perfect gift to protect someone you love who’s embarking on a new adventure…


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