This intricate ring has symbols & stones that all represent something symbolic to this client, including a spectacular oval Ruby, so she can wear the memories & symbols that are most important to her.  

  Made in 18ct Yellow and White Gold, the mixture of metals helps bring out all of the little details & textures, with the solid images held in place by scrolly beaded frame work.


Next to the Ruby sits a hand carved Elephant with tiny white Diamond eyes, as it's one of her favourite animals and the Ruby is a nod to her Grandmother and the clients wedding day in July, which Ruby is the birthstone for, which we set in an 18ct beaded frame with petals.



You’ll also see the Star of David with her three children’s birthstones – Ruby, Aquamarine & Moonstone – set into the middle of it, amongst the Chai symbol which symbolises life and happiness in the Jewish faith. Sophie’s Venetian Wings were also incorporated to represent hope and liberation, and the tiny leaves represent all beings in the universe, as well as fertility and growth.



What makes these story rings so magical is how much secret and subtle meaning they can have through gemstones, symbols or even engraving hidden on the inside of the band. Making it such a personal piece, with your own story weaved into it, to be treasured forever and passed down through generations. 



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