This business owner & entrepreneur came to Sophie with the idea of having a piece of jewellery that evoked female empowerment, a sparkly reminder of strength and resilience to help inspire extra confidence in or out of the workplace.

Sophie knows this client is a nature lover, so suggested incorporating Wren’s, as their spiritual meaning is one of determination, enthusiasm, change and happiness. Folklore describes how in a contest to see which bird could fly the highest. The wren tucked himself into an eagle wing’s feathers and when the eagle soared high above all the other birds, the wren popped out and flew even higher, proclaiming himself the king of the birds.


This amazing client also served in the Women’s Royal Navy Service (‘WRNS’) which popularly and officially was known as the Wrens; making this sweet little bird the perfect personal symbol for what she wanted these earrings to represent & linking to her former service!



Sophie then chose two cushion cut Citrines to hang from the 18ct Yellow Gold Wren’s, set in our finely beaded setting with their rich golden colour. Not only do they look wonderful paired with the yellow gold Wren’s, but Citrines are also know to manifest goals and boost self-confidence.




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